4 Foolproof Ways To Increase Your Livestream Viewers

While live streaming content has been around for years, the ability to stream events in real-time has exploded in the days since the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 spread across the globe. As millions of individuals stay home to help mitigate the spread of the deadly virus, more companies and organizations are taking their events and services online to continue engaging customers. 

With the advent of cell phone cameras and data access, anyone can live stream in an instant. However, having the ability to live stream doesn’t guarantee a large audience. In order to draw viewers to your stream – and keep them there – takes a special mix of genuinely entertaining content and a strategic methodology. If you are looking to gain a competitive edge in the streaming market, here are four top ways to increase your online viewership!

1. Take Advantage Of Multiple Streaming Opportunities

When it comes to building your audience online, simply setting up Facebook Live isn’t enough. In order to gain viewership in today’s online marketplace, you need to ensure that you are capturing viewers across various channels. Rather than dedicate all of your streaming efforts in a single direction (think Facebook Live or YouTube), consider investing in a multi-layered streaming platform that sends your content across multiple channels with a single click.

Streaming platforms such as Dacast, Brightcove, and others allow for a single user to push their live stream content to a variety of external streaming services from one user-friendly dashboard. This means that you can stream your content live to a variety of locations – including Facebook Pages and Groups, YouTube accounts, Twitch channels, and more. Rather than expecting viewers to come directly to your single-source stream, you can reach exponentially higher numbers by taking your content directly to the spaces they engage on the internet daily!

2. Increase Your Camera Variety & Add A Switcher

Want to start seeing more viewer engagement quickly? Consider increasing the number of camera views that your content operates from. The average viewer is used to engaging with content that is being recorded and produced with various camera views that change frequently. Blame it on a short attention span, but viewers are more likely to leave a stream in the image never changes. 

If you can invest in a variety of cameras for your stream, consider customizing your setup with multiple views. This will add a sense of professionalism and production value that will not only see your viewership increase but will ensure that they stay on the stream for longer. 

You can even add some real flair to your stream by adding a digital switcher. A switcher is a piece of equipment that you can add to your production to quickly switch between views and add fun and engaging text, transitions, graphics, and more. By bringing in the ability to switch between views and engage your audience with fun interaction, you will naturally see your viewer rates climb higher and higher. While the cost to purchase and implement a multi-camera system and switcher can be on the expensive end, the return on investment is well worth it for the increased engagement.

3. Up Your Quality With Increased Bandwidth

On the technical end, you would be amazed at how a poor quality live stream can cause viewers to flee a video. Nobody wants to sit through a choppy or blurry video stream – even if it is their friends or family on camera! In order to increase your viewer rate, consider investing some budget into your network speed. In a recent study, nearly 80% of online video viewers surveyed reported that they have left a live stream or other video content due to poor bitrates or a complete drop of the video stream. 

Nobody wants to sit through the spinning buffer wheel of death – so ensure that your viewers have a quality video streaming experience by upping your network speed and bandwidth. Many popular streaming platforms will allow you to run quality and speed checks that will help you understand what kind of service speed you are operating with, and what changes can help you speed up the experience. Also, research the ability of “network bonding” – a service that combines various internet sources together to build a single connection that can easily switch back and forth should one get slow or drop completely.

4. Market Your Live Stream – Even When You Aren’t Live

The final tip for quickly building your online streaming audience is to build a robust marketing strategy for your stream. Instead of going live and expecting people to show up to watch, consider putting together a digital marketing strategy that promotes your content across your various social media channels. This includes employing our websites like our own. By creating an account here and uploading your streams you can reach a much wider audience.

Utilize creative elements such as short snippets of past stream recordings, audio clips, and image content to create engaging ads that will draw viewers to your next live stream. Not only will this encourage viewership for your live videos, but this digital marketing will do wonders for your overall brand reputation and awareness!

Stream Like You Love To Watch

At its most basic, increasing your viewer rates online is as simple as asking yourself “What would I want to watch?” Remember that your viewers have a plethora of online content to watch, so it will take something special to keep them coming back to your live stream for more. 

By following the tips above, you will not only begin to see a natural, organic rise in your online live stream viewership, but you can enjoy the rewards that come from being seen as a consistently professional streamer. There is nothing better than an online brand that people can trust!

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