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 BAZERK is a hard-hitting, high energy band out of Los Angeles, CA who offers an edgy, raw Funk style with Rock rifts and Hip Hop beats.  In 2005, front-man Zu was inspired by the artist, Prince, who encouraged him to be out of bounds and expansive with his Hip Hop style.  Zu added the influence of Metal and Rock to his sound, and the unique sound of BAZERK came into being. BAZERK has been performed all around Los Angeles and the west coast. They spend their free time recording new tracks and  videos, and thinking of even crazier ways to make the fans go wild.  They have toured with such names as Prince, George Clinton, Ludacris, KRS One, 311, Wu-Tang, Fishbone, The Black-Eyed Peas, and One Size 0.  They have been on the stages of such Los Angeles venues as the House of Blues, Queen Mary, the Roxy Theater, Boardner’s, and more. They recently release their seventh album, "American Made Monster," which features many new tracks and a few re-worked fan favorites. Bazerk have collaborated on tracks with artists such as funk master, George Clinton who stated that BAZERK was “A great original band" and long-time friend, Angelo Moore from Fishbone and Dr. Mad Vibe.   BAZERK has won seventeen Battles of the Bands, earning them a standing reputation and fan base around Los Angeles.  Single “Hello America” used in 2012 movie, “DONNER’S PASS”Part of upcoming reality show on indie bands in LASongs placed in:  MTV Pranked, MTV Top 10, Animal Planet, PS3  Alcoholics Annonymous commercial  BAZERK is:Zu tha Greatone (Jamaica): Vocals/Composition/Songwriter for bands: BAZERK, OnPlanetZu (Looney)David A. de Luna (Texas): Guitar, Songwriter, Musical Arranger for BAZERK, various cover bands Fred P. Funk (Germany): Drums: Fresh to the USA, Funkaholic, madman drummer Mr. A.M.P. Wild (Los Angeles): the craziest, most off the hook bassist we have ever had on stage DJ Icee (Texas): Scratches, Syncronizations, Samples, Production, Graphic Artist, Vocals FleaLeeTV is proud to present Bazerk exclusive Live Concert.  Thank you for taking the time to check us out and for your support of independent music.  Click flealeetv.com to browse our complete catalog of  virtual events and independent films. 


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