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Date Night with David and Brad

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Colorworld presents voice actor and director David Wald with Colorworld Host Brad Kelly as they take you through the complex issues in Love Stage. Must have a Hi-Dive Account from Sentai Filmworks in order to participate. Viewers will watch Love Stage along with David and Brad and are in for a night of Science Theatre 3000 style watch along where David and Brad will have a no-hold-bar conversation about sense and sexuality in LGTBQ+ Anime. David Wald has been directing anime for years. After turning down the invitation to direct several LGTBQ+ Titles for years; he became increasingly concerned that someone directing outside of the community may miss or fail to pick up on the more sublte things somene living the gay experience would instantly identify with. It became obvious the sort of benefit that David could add to the direction on account of his very lived experience. David's goal to champion inclusivity put him at the forefront of developing the LGTBQ+ Genre of Anime. The journey has been incredible; and it's time we pick his brain about it.Years ago, Brad fell in love with the character Gajeel in Fairy Tail. Brad often describes himself as a real-life Gajeel. He's a big butt-head, but fiercly loyal to his friends and will do the right thing without any need to smile about it. He uses brute-strength and ignorance as much as he does his sensitivity to race and gender issues in modern society. Brad was hell-bent on having David play a similar character (to Gajeel) in the Colorworld Audiobook. After he managed to reach out to David for an audition, it was clear to all of us who heard it that David Wald was going to be part of Colorworld for a long time. David and Brad finally met at Anime NYC back in 2018 and were instantly best friends. You are in for a treat. Sit back, grab a snack, bring an open heart and your questions. It'll be a night to remember.There is a 7% sales tax applied during checkout.*More details to come soon.


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