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Late Season Blooms – Super Cool Sunday Album Show: The Monkees’ Headquarters

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Every six weeks or so we do a special Sunday show where we cover an entire album from one of our favorite artists. This month’s show spotlights The Monkees’ “Headquarters” in honor of their farewell tour. The Monkees have never really gotten a fair shake since they were a made-for-TV band, but let’s be real: every rock and roller from my generation (including some serious metal and punk celebrities I personally know) cut their baby teeth on Monkees reruns. The rumor that they didn’t play their own instruments was as false as it gets — sure, Micky was new to drumming, but can you really argue that the drumming on The Kingsmen’s “Louie Louie” is equivalent to Buddy Rich? Peter was a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Mike a successful singer/songwriter, Micky a garage-rocker and child actor, Davy a Broadway musical star. To shake off that false image, the band convinced the TV shows producers to fire the music directors so they could put out an album entirely on their own. That album? “Headquarters,” a garage-rock classic that pre-dates the country rock of Gram Parsons and The Byrds by a couple of years and gave all us 70s and 80s kids our first taste of counter-culture rebellion with Micky’s “Randy Scouse Git.” Beautiful, fun, sometimes bizarre, through a certain lens “Headquarters” is the greatest first album a garage band ever made. There’s a reason it was number 2 on the charts in the summer of 1967. We’re going to play a range of songs from the extended edition of “Headquarters,” so it will include the pre-album single and some truly deep tracks for what promises to be a rollicking great show. A little history, some deep Monkees trivia, and a whole lot of fun. Join us!


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