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Los Angeles Underground: Sleuthing Tunnels Lost & Found

Join Esotouric, L.A.’s most eclectic sightseeing tour company, as they explore the murky history and rich lore surrounding the tunnel systems beneath Los Angeles.

Your hosts Kim Cooper and Richard Schave have been exploring L.A.’s underground, on foot and through archival research, for many years.
Kim was a member of the Los Angeles Cacophony Society, which organized unsanctioned group incursions into streetcar tunnels and through the sanitary sewer system off the Los Angeles River. Since founding Esotouric in 2007, Kim and Richard have explored the basement service tunnels beneath historic Downtown hotels like the Barclay and King Edward, and have visited the legendary Subway Terminal Building basement to document the time capsule Pacific Electric station and the capped tunnel mouth.

In this webinar, you’ll slip beneath the city streets for an immersive survey of some notable small- and large-scale tunnel systems, learn their history and mythology and get to know the engineers, architects and amateur human moles who carved these secluded spaces out of the earth.

We’ll explore the evolving uses of privately owned service tunnels, ghost signs and graffiti left behind by departed Angelenos, the formation of mineral stalactites and stalagmites, dangerous illegal excavations, intriguing rumors of lost tunnels, peculiar discoveries and legendary hordes of gold. And we’ll talk about how these unique spaces could be repurposed for public use, and how you can virtually visit one historic service tunnel today.
This webinar is an illustrated lecture packed with original research, rare photos and archival material that will illuminate the mysterious tunnels beneath Los Angeles. And you’ll find the look of an Esotouric webinar is a little different than your standard dry Zoom session, with lively interactive graphics courtesy of the mmhmm app.
After the presentation, Kim and Richard will answer your questions about tunnels, so get ready to be a part of the show.

So, tune in and discover the incredible history of Los Angeles, with the couple whose passion for the city is infectious.
Can’t join in when the webinar is happening? You’ll have access to the full replay for one week.

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