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Producers Social

 Sat, Feb 29  7 pm PST

FREE EVENT – Open to all.

SIGNUP HERE: https://producerssocial.com/eventinfo?id=1228684440834927


Due to everything going on in the world we are going to combine forces and do an Online Producers Social.


Time: 7-9pm


Event will be hosted on Twitch here: www.twitch.com/producerssocial

We recommend you sign up ahead of time so you can jump right into the chat.


Guidelines for our online event:

– Send us your tune ahead of time

— This will not be undateable after you submit your song and we recommend you pause working on it until after you receive your feedback.

– Song is to be submitted by Sunday, April 12, at 11:59pm.


– You can only submit 1 song


– Song submissions should include your name, artist name, where you are located (city), mp3 or wav of track and any specific feedback you are looking for.


– The title of the email should be exactly this “April 15 | Online Producers Social”


– Submit song to [email protected]


– The first 20 songs to be submitted will be the only ones eligible for the stream


Please Note: Songs will be played in no particular order, to encourage everyone stays and everyone gets feedback. So please plan on being present for the full duration of the online social (7-9pm).


We plan to keep all of the feedback and comments located on the Twitch channel. We are going to apply the same rules as our official socials and ask that any criticism is constructive. We will be moderating to assure people are following these guidelines.


Donations are appreciated, but not required. We are an independent group of artists who have been hosting the Producers Social since 2013. Those who donate $10 or more receive a sample pack.




The Producers Social is a growing community of music producers and artists of varying genres and styles. The social meetings have been an invaluable resource for aspiring and professional artists alike, offering a supportive environment to share, get feedback and connect with industry peers. Since 2013 the Producers Social has met on a regular basis and has been a continual source of inspiration, guidance and collaboration. Producers Social events are currently on pause due to the coronavirus, we hope to continue empowering our community with events online while the pandemic continues and possibly longer if it goes well 🙂


Tank you for being part of the community,

~ Luna

~ Mark

~ Stephan

~ Stephen



We are setting up your account.

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