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Salvador Dalí, The Real Surreal

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Marcel Katz Art Presents ‘The Real Surreal’ Eight-Week-Long Salvador Dali? Exhibition Curated by Marcel Katz and Bertrand Epaud Acclaimed Miami-based art dealership and gallery, Marcel Katz Art, has partnered with Salvador Dali? expert Bertrand Epaud, to debut the first-ever Dali? museum sculpture to exist in Miami, Florida, this November 2020, at The Confidante Miami Beach. Coined ‘The Real Surreal,’ the uniquely historical art exhibition will run for eight weeks, beginning on Friday, November 20th. The exhibit will feature a collection of rare and treasured works of modern art created by one of the most famous figures in art history: world-renowned Spanish Surrealist icon Salvador Dali?.“I am an exhibitionist! Dali’s influence on surrealism and culture has shown me that the creative spirit is what influences a generation of young people,” said Marcel Katz.  “Nothing is out of reach. Let your imagination show you the realities of life. If you can think it, you can do it!”If Salvador Dali? were teleported to 2020, he would find himself in one of his own works – a world of decay, confusion, and out of the ordinary. A century ago, Dali? himself lived in a reality similar to ours, filled with war and death, displacement of societies, and constant questioning of existence – which led to his influential explorations of subconscious imagery and the development of his mature artistic style. Through ‘The Real Surreal’ exhibition, Marcel Katz Art has the incredible honor to showcase Salvador Dali?’s works on paper, bronze sculptures, and large-scale museum sculptures, in partnership with Bertrand Epaud, the official US representative of Dali? Universe bronze collection. Marcel Katz (aka “The Art Plug”), founder of Marcel Katz Art and known for organizing some of the city’s most over-the-top experiential events such as The Art Plug Power House, is an art agent, dealer, director, and notably the youngest authorized art dealer of Salvador Dali?. All pieces on display throughout ‘The Real Surreal’ have been specifically chosen because they represent the surreal reality we currently live in, and our will to overcome it. Each work of art carries its own unique symbolism to represent facets of hope and survival through the unfortunate pandemic we currently face. Salvador Dali once said: ‘The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad.’ “I can relate,” said Marcel Katz. “Crazy doesn't execute.”Guests will start their 60-minute tour of ‘The Real Surreal’ through the curated gallery, and will then be led into a separate space to watch an educational video about Dali?’s history. To add to the overall experiential programming within the hotel, The Art Plug will also be curating a one-of-a-kind local rotating art collection to be displayed all throughout the hotel’s public spaces. Surrealist-inspired art pieces by artists including that of Salvador Dali, Nico Suave, Nick Cruz, Tiago Magro, Grabster, Lefty Out There, ABVA, Wij, Haiiileen, and The Art Plug himself, will live inside the Confidante Miami Beach Hotel far beyond that of the exhibit’s eight-week pop-up span. Lending to the extraordinarily surreal nature of Dali?’s work, guests can expect unconventional surprises and uniquely interactive activations to pop-up throughout the eight-week-long exhibit. Among the many soon-to-be-revealed activations, celebrated tattoo artist and owner of Empire Ink tattoo, Steve Santacruz, will be hosting a pop-up tattoo station, providing free courtesy Art Plug and Dali inspired tattoo designs to willing guests. Additionally, several local artists will be creating surrealist-inspired art pieces all throughout The Confidante Miami Beach hotel.  Tickets will be available for purchase online at therealsurreal.tixr.com, for $35pp. In order to safely abide by the city’s CDC guidelines, all guests must purchase their tickets in advance to confirm a specific time-slotted appointment to explore the exhibit with their limited group. Ticket pricing will be waved for all students and frontline workers with a valid ID and must contact hello@artplug.com to confirm their specific timeslot. Guests can also purchase a ‘Plug Pass’ package online for $100pp, which will not only grant guests access to the exhibit, but will also include several limited-edition Art Plug and Dali-themed exclusive merchandise. There will also be a virtual component, where guests around the world can experience the gallery from the comfort of their own homes by purchasing a $5 virtual experience ticket online.  The exhibition will debut to the public on Friday, November 20, 2020, and will run for an eight-week period, open Wednesdays & Thursdays from 2PM-8:15PM and Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays from 12PM-8:45PM. Sunday, January 17, 2021, will mark the final day of the exhibit. The exhibition is located at; The Confidante Miami Beach | 4041 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140.Click here to turn a visit to The Real Surreal into a Retro-Glam staycation with 20% off room rates at The Confidante Miami Beach. Your ticket also includes 15% savings on all food & beverage at The Confidante and reduced $15 valet parking for one vehicle the day you visit the exhibit (event parking only, no overnight parking). Valid exhibit ticket must be presented at time of service.ABOUT ‘THE REAL SURREAL’ CURATORS:  MARCEL KATZ AKA “THE ART PLUG”Marcel Katz, also known as “The Art Plug” is an art agent, dealer, and director based in Miami, Florida.  He is the founder of Marcel  Katz Art, an art gallery & dealership; The Art Plug, an art & creative agency; and The Art Plug Power House, an independent art fair & experimental event platform for international artists. He is also the youngest authorized dealer of Salvador Dali?. Over the course of six years, Marcel has developed these enterprises into notable and groundbreaking organizations that have gained attention across the art world, music industry, and beyond. Beginning a career in entertainment allows him to make connections with visual artists who were looking to collaborate on creative ideas. Marcel had always been personally tied to art, yet he realized during this time that he wanted to become fully involved in it. For those who do not know him, Marcel is a figure who provides quality art and services to his clients. BERTRAND EPAUDBertrand Epaud is a French art consultant, based in New York City. He is a renowned Salvador Dali? expert and the US representative of Dali? Universe bronze collection. He has curated numerous fine art shows around the world, for Dali?, and many other artists. He has opened and operated the biggest art galleries in the Middle East and has collaborated with governments, Royal Families, famous airlines, and institutions on innovative art projects.


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