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Space Pilots in CyberSPAAAACE!

 Mon, May 4  8 pm PDT

ALL NEW Space Pilots episode is airing LIVE 8:00-8:30PM PDT Monday May the 4th!
Captain Tabitha Knight and her motley crew of  Space Pilots in Spaaaace are heading to Centari 2 for some much needed R&R, when a mysterious alien attaches itself to the hull of their ship. Tune in at 8pm Monday May 4th to watch the adventure unfold…
Bonus – this episode will be followed by Special Alien Musical Guest

Da Moth

from 8:30-9:30PM!

To view the episode live on Twitch TV, navigate to our landing page at 7:55pm (arrive early we start right at 8!) – spacepilotsinspaaaace.org.
Tickets? Nah. We’re spreading joy and silliness into the universe and all earthlings should be able to partake. Suggested donation of $0-$20 to support

13th Floor Dance Theater

– Venmo or Paypal Jenny McAllister Isenberg. If you want to support us by making a larger tax deductible donation: 13thfloortheater.org/support

Space Pilots in CyberSpaaaaace! features

Ad Naka
Colin Epstein
Derek Harris
Uriah Findley
Zach Fish
Jess Kandus
Jenny McAllister Isenberg

and Crashette, with special guests

Paul Savage
Mark Kingsley


Sydney Bradshaw Lozier
1) Yep, the episode airs right at 8pm PDT, just like a broadcast TV show.
2) Never seen Space Pilots before? Never fear, you can jump right in. To get a taste of what we’re like, check out these trailers from previous shows
3) No, you don’t need a Twitch account to watch the live showing. But it’s fun if you do bc you can chat w your friends and crewmates while you watch.
4) If you miss the this live event, we’ll be making the episode available for viewing in other formats. Stay tuned!


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