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Viva Vera 20 Kickoff

Viva Vera 20 is upon us! Join us in celebrating two decades of all-ages music, art, and community with a full year of festivities. Tonight, we’re kicking things off with:

Performances by Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Perfume Genius

Birthday Wishes from Foo Fighters, Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio, Jeff Rosenstock, Sub Pop Records, KEXP, The Vera Project’s community, and so many more!

Thank you for being a true and sincere friend to The Vera Project, whether you’ve been with us for twenty years or twenty minutes. Welcome to the party! We’re glad you’re here.

Join the party and donate today at theveraproject.org/vivavera20

Special thanks to:

Kate Becker, Megan Jasper, Tim Lennon, Gloria Alvarez Connors, Rachel Willner, Kate Jackson, Jonathan Zwickel, Connors & Co, Grandstand Media, James Keblas, Shannon Stewart, Josh Ayala, Bailey Sattler, Holland Project, Britt Curtis, Mainza Tonga, Hunter Grier, Sofia Krutikova, Maya DeAvilla, Levin Betron, Jason Clackley, Ricky Graboski, JJ Johnson, Jak McKool, Tony Morse, Kelly Sheetz, Kim West, Sub Pop Records, Kitty Wu, Foo Fighters, Ben Gibbard, Perfume Genius, Tunde Adebimpe, Mike Park, Jeff Rosenstock, Kimya Dawson, Tacocat, Lisa Prank, Greg Bennick, Ian Mackaye, No Age, Jordan Blilie, The Blood Brothers, Che Sehyun, Medium Medium, Elise Loeb, Steph Jurek, Sharlese Metcalf, Ashraf Hasham, Adam Zacks, Tristan Carosino, Chris Kellogg, Jenn Govola, Chris Jones, Dave Flatman, Rachel Stevens, Momo Bear, Ground Zero Radio, Masao Yamada, Dogbreth, 206 Zulu, Konbit Cafe, The Vera Project’s Membership, The Vera Project’s Board of Directors & The Vera Project’s Community of True & Sincere Friends

Video by: Che Sehyun
Narration by: Maya DeAvilla, Mainza Tonga, Ricky Graboski, & Jason Clackley
Art by: Elise Loeb & Steph Jurek


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