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Welcome to The Blumhouse LIVE: Ludacris, Questlove, Toro Y Moi

 Fri, Oct 16  7:30 pm PST

Welcome to the Blumhouse Live
Featuring Ludacris / Questlove / Toro y Moi / JADALAREIGN
October 16 + October 17
RSVP: WelcomeToTheBlumhouse.com

Amazon Prime Video, Blumhouse and Little Cinema invite you to step inside the worlds of 4 new Blumhouse thrillers for an interactive virtual mystery that weaves the Blumhouse universe together in chilling synchrony.
The Blumhouse will be open for 2 days only, beckoning you to explore a virtual labyrinth of interactive rooms, live performances, tarot reading, a basement club, an escape room, and more unsettling twists.
The basement club will host a special performance by Grammy-award winning rapper & actor Ludacris on Saturday, October 17, with Brooklyn-based DJ JADALAREIGN closing out the club. Multi-talented DJ-producer Questlove will DJ open-to-close on Friday, October 16. After the house closes, attendees are invited to the basement club afterparty for a special DJ set by with electro-pop sensation Toro y Moi.
Solve the mystery of a missing student, Erin Templeton, from the Lindbergh Academy. Enter through the basement, where Ludacris (October 17) or Questlove (October 16) will set the musical vibe for the thriller that lies ahead. Have a drink in the kitchen and probe your bartender for hints with direct, real-time interaction. Discover clues about your past, present and future with a live Tarot reading. Experience the power of memory and rivalry as you weave your way through the upper floors. Feel yourself being drawn closer and closer to the attic by powerful forces beyond your control… but you’ll need to find the key before you can enter.
Explore the world of Welcome to the Blumhouse, from anywhere in the world.

: : : SHOW TIMES : : :
October 16 ~ 5:00PM PT / 8:00PM ET
October 16 ~ 7:30PM PT / 10:30PM ET
October 17 ~ 5:00PM PT / 8:00PM ET
October 17 ~ 7:30PM PT / 10:30PM ET

: : : About Welcome To The Blumhouse : : :
Welcome To The Blumhouse, a collection of unsettling genre films that tap into our deepest fears, debuts on Amazon Prime Video this October. Produced by the master of horror, Jason Blum, and directed by a group of emerging voices, these stand-alone dark thrillers introduce audiences to new worlds, diverse perspectives, and sinister plots. While each film is distinct, the Welcome To The Blumhouse collection explores family and love as a redemptive or destructive force. Watch as our characters become entangled in their own web of lies, betray their loved ones, and escape from the evils that haunt them.


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