Where were you when the live performance industry went out of business?

When the last venue closed in 2020, and we were all forced to consume new creative content – whether it’s Billie Eilish’s new EP drop from her home in beautiful Highland Park, CA,  HAMILTON  on Disney+,  or Tfue’s Fortnite Twitch stream – via livestreams online?

And now that this is our only option for the foreseeable future – how do we as fans or creators keep track of, schedule, or promote any upcoming livestreams?  With so many live streaming platforms to choose from as a creator and as live performers now have to build a new online following, it’s nearly impossible to make sure your subscribers on each platform know of an upcoming live stream.

These closures and questions have sent both the live performance and livestreaming industry scrambling to figure out how best to connect with all of their fans while creating new content to keep their business afloat.  When SXSW and Coachella were both cancelled, it meant extreme uncertainty to not only live performers who depend on their tour and merch sales, but the multiple industries that support them.

This is where our story starts: one fateful night in Silverlake, friends got together and asked the question “what do we do now”? These friends consisted of not only current and ex-touring musicians, but also a preeminent music/tech CEO in Matthew Adell; who with his experience in leading music industry change agents like Beatport, Napster, and Native Instruments, had seen the landscape & industry change completely many times before. There were many questions asked: “What do our friends and family members who tour for a living do?”. For established live streamers, how does anyone even track when you’re coming on; and can there be a synergy between newer, established streamers and musicians who now have to build a following digitally?

This is why we’re so excited to bring you OnNow.tv.  As a fan navigating this new landscape, you’ll have a place to #discover new livestreams and #share your favorite artist’s upcoming stream to our community. As a creator – no matter where you post or #promote your upcoming  livestream – your fans will know; along with giving you a better platform to schedule upcoming performances, link up with brands, and track who and where your fans are coming from.

While were tremendously hopeful the live performance industry comes back soon, we’re eager to #DiscoverSharePromote with everyone – giving both Gen-Z’ers and older folks a community to easily navigate and engage with their favorite creator or creator with fan.

OnNow.tv Team

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